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When coming to High Quality Training you will receive top training along with very personal and intimate training. NASM and PPS certified with personable workouts that are focused on the goals that you want to achieve.  Not focusing on one specific part of the body but really focusing on full body and full range of motion.  This type of training is good for all types whether you are an athlete, past athlete, not an athlete at all, workout here there or never have worked out at all. You want tone up and build muscle or lose weight we can make it happen. Affordable pricing along with flexible scheduling.


Personal training Plan

Training builds self confidence when getting your health together at the same time. Not just physically but mentally as well. With the one on one training you receive very personable and affordable training. Centrally located in Lexington.  After assessment 1 on 1 workouts are customized to specific goals that want to be achieved.


Small Group training

Get fit together. Group fitness classes are available to individuals with similar goals and fitness ranges. All exercises are modifiable to ones capabilities. Group classes are a great way for fitness lovers, no matter what level, to workout with friends in a judgment free environment.


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Client Testimonials

If you stay consistent with hqt I promise you’ll see results and I mean physically and mentally which essentially lifts up your spirit.
P.s. For the training you’re getting from HQT it’s very affordable and worth the investment.
Jamere Walker

Loved my trainer , nice atmosphere, great vibes . Definitely recommend Damon as your trainer !!!

Kanisha Walker

Workouts where great, worked on areas of concern. Atmosphere was terrific. Looking forward for more extensive workouts.

Doug Powell

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